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Friday Focus 052617

posted May 26, 2017, 9:18 AM by Michael Lepene   [ updated May 26, 2017, 9:49 AM ]

Frances C. Richmond Middle School

Friday Focus 052617

Scene from RMS production of Seussical!. (Photo: Starr)

Principal's Corner

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we enter a long weekend I thought it important to note two things: 

First, Memorial Day provides an opportunity to recognize and remember those who gave their lives in service to our military and country. I hope that however you choose to spend the weekend, you enjoy the time with family and friends.

Second, at the Dresden School Board meeting this week we engaged in a discussion on adolescence sleep and school start time. Dr. John Randolph shared recent research findings and potential implications in an engaging presentation. The research we reviewed pointed to the importance of sleep for middle and high school students and both the challenges associated and the impact a lack of sleep can have on wellness, academic performance, and safety. In addition to considering school start times, I also thought the other recommendations from an article in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine (Vol 13, No 4, 2017) were helpful:

  • Include relevant and targeted educational materials regarding the importance of sleep in the curriculum.
  • Provide a cool, dark, quiet sleep environment with adequate time for 8-10 hours of sleep time each night.
  • Encourage consistent bedtimes and wake times on weekdays and weekends.
  • Ensure a regular bedtime routine to cue the body that sleep is imminent.
  • Avoid the use of sleep disrupting electronic devices near bedtime or during the night.

I hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend. As always, if we can help with any questions about a very busy last month of school just let us know. We look forward to a fun-filled Tuesday Colors Day when we return.


Michael Lepene, Principal
All School News and Events

May 29 - Memorial Day, No School

May 30 - RMS Colors Day

June 2 - 6th Grade Field Trip - Boston/Social Studies

June 7 - Ultimate Quiz Bowl Assembly

June 8 - Electives and 6th Grade Open House

June 16 - RMS School Dance

RMS Notes and Information

-Thursday, June 8: Elective Open House - 5:30 PM

On the same night as the 6th grade and library open house and the Empty Bowls fundraising event, come join the elective staff and students for an evening of exhibitions and demonstrations celebrating student accomplishments. 

-Greetings 8th Grade Families,

Thank you to all of the families that have volunteered to bring food or beverage for the 2017 8th Grade Class Night Reception on June 20th! We still have need a few more volunteers to fill food and beverage slots and volunteers to help set up and clean up, which hopefully won’t take more than 30-minutes on each end. If you have a high school student that will be attending, we would be grateful for their help on either end of the evening.

Please find more information about the evening and reception volunteer sign up sheet in the links below. 

8th Grade Class Night Letter

8th Grade Class Night Sign Up Sheet

Thank you! 

quiz bowl team photo

-The RMS Quiz Bowl Tournament Team recently returned after competing at the MSNCT in Dallas, Texas 5/10-5/15/17. This event tested their knowledge of history, science, literature, math, fine arts, social sciences, and more. Imagine giving your answer in under 2 and 5 seconds! The RMS Team demonstrated an extraordinary level of camaraderie, tenacity, and sportsmanship. Congratulations to all students!

Teams Rankings out of 160 teams:
Richmond  A- 90th place  W-4 L-4
Captain; Lazlo S- 8th grade- 2-year veteran
Rose L- 8th grade- 3-year veteran
Jason C- 8th grade- 1st year
Dill E - 7th grade- 1st year
Cole G -7th grade- 1st year
Richmond B- 117th place W-3 L-5
Captain: Will C -8th grade- 2-year veteran
Fletcher Z- 8th grade- 3-year veteran
Soren M-A - 8th grade-1st year
Daniel F - 8th grade- 1st year
Sora S - 6th grade- 1st year 
Next year? MSNCT 2018 Chicago, Illinois
#HonkfortheRMSQBTTgeese! #RMSProud!
Coaches Lovejoy & Coaches Knowlton

-The RMS sixth grade math team, Sora, Tom, Lauren, and Sarah, won the blue ribbon on Saturday to become the NH state champs at the competition. Sora earned first overall individual and Tom won the silver. Congratulations to all.

Here is a moderate sample question correctly answered by all four: "If the vowels are A, E, I, O, U, how many three letter arrangements are there such that the first letter is a vowel, the second letter is not a vowel, and the third letter is a vowel?" Head hurt yet? Oh yeah, no calculators and you have 45 seconds. Give those kids a nod when you see them.  --CoachK 

Community Calendar and Activities

-Garlic Mustard is in bloom

DISPLAYS ARE UP in the Howe and Etna Libraries, in Town Hall, Black Community Center and the three schools.  You will find an actual plant, map of known colonies, poster with garlic mustard life cycle, and bookmark handouts to help you identify the plant, and tips for its control.

THESE NEIGHBORHOODS are working on controlling the plant:

Brook Road, Webster Road, Hollenbeck Lane, Meadow Lane, Willow Spring Lane, Kendal, Girl Brook, Mink Brook West and East, West End, Rip Road, School and Huntley Streets, Rope Ferry Road. 

THESE TRAILS HAVE PULLING STATIONS:  Mink Brook West Trail and the Girl Brook Trail have signposts, and stations where large drawstring trash bags for garlic mustard contributions..  Trail users are encouraged to pull a few handfuls of the plant and place these in the bags provided.

We need your help!   Let's keep this plant from spreading into our woodlands!

For more information, contact Vicki Smith, 643-3214

Link to more information about the plant

Read more:

-Hanover’s Friendship City – Nihonmatsu Japan – Middle School Student Exchange Visit Happens July 29th-August 1st

The Town of Hanover is in need of 10 local families who would be willing to open their homes on July 29th-August 1st to host visiting Japanese 13 and 14 year olds from Hanover’s Friendship City of Nihonmatsu, Japan.

One of Dartmouth’s first international students, Kanichi Asakawa, was from Nihonmatsu.  He graduated from Dartmouth in 1899!  Hanover, Dartmouth and Nihonmatsu formed a Friendship City relationship more than 21 years ago and each summer at the end of July, the Town of Hanover and Dartmouth College join forces to host Nihonmatsu middle school students for a weekend visit, at the beginning of a one week trip they make to visit Dartmouth, Yale and NYC.

This summer, 10 students will be joining us – six girls and four boys – and so we are looking for 10 host families.  The students will arrive on Friday evening, July 29th (around 10:30 pm) and depart on Monday morning, August 1st at 9:00 am.

As Town Manager, our family hosted students from Nihonmatsu over a 10 year timeframe when my children were still attending Hanover schools so we have this hosting schedule down to a science.  If you have children who have experienced the Japanese Festival at the Ray School, it is particularly fun to host the group from Nihonmatsu.  The students’ homestays with Hanover families end up being the highlight of their trip to the U.S.

Here’s the typical schedule for their weekend visit to Hanover:

               The students, along with the Mayor of Nihonmatsu, a teacher from their school, five other adults and their translator and their tour director arrive in Hanover on Friday night, July 29th around 10:30 pm.   Host families meet their students at Hanover Town Hall and whisk them home for a quick snack and bed, because by the time they arrive from Logan Airport, they are tired after a long flight from Narita via Washington, D.C.

               Saturday, July 30th the students have breakfast with your family and at 10:00 am they head out on a tour of Dartmouth and Hanover, led by Dartmouth Japanese-speaking students.  We are currently working on afternoon activities that may include some additional time at Dartmouth and a recreational opportunity for families and students.  In the early evening all host families, students, dignitaries, Dartmouth faculty and Town representatives gather for a fun barbecue and party at the Dartmouth Outing Club.  Students then return home with their host families.

               Sunday, July 31st the students spend the day with their host families, essentially enjoying whatever you and your family normally do on a summer Sunday.  Some of the students’ favorite activities include mini golf, kayaking, swimming, shopping, the Montshire, any local fair you can find, and eating ice cream and pizza.  The key is to keep them busy, feed them lots of new food and just introduce them to life in the Upper Valley.

               Monday morning, August 1st we all meet back at Town Hall at 9:00 am for photos and then they depart for New Haven and NYC.

This is a wonderful opportunity for your kids to share their culture with students their own age and to remain connected.  It can also be the beginning of a lifelong friendship.   And most important, this is the first really big trip in the lives of many of these young Japanese students, coming from a location in Japan that was hard hit by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

So, if you are game to help the Town of Hanover and Dartmouth College and open your homes for the weekend of July 29th-August 1st, please let Julia Griffin know as soon as possible at or 643-0701.  You do not have to be a Hanover family to participate, but we will need you to commit to providing transportation for your Japanese student guests to Hanover according to the schedule outlined above.

Thanks for considering this opportunity to host a Japanese student.

Julia N. Griffin, Town Manager

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