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May 23, 2014

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1. Student Council will be selling RMS T-Shirts and Sweatpants with a new RMS logo. T-Shirts will be $10; sweat pants will be $15.

2. Get ready for the last RMS dance of the year - our festive Children Helping Children Dance and Fair to be held on Friday, May 30th.

3. Colors Day: This year's Colors Day is scheduled for Friday, June 6th. Colors Day is a school wide “Field Day”, - a highlight of the year for many staff and students. It is not a great day for doctors/dentist appointments or early dismissals, as most kids don't really want to leave. If possible, it would be great to reschedule appointments that don't have to occur on that day.

4. Spring Open House, Thursday May 29th - What’s for Dinner???
During Thursday’s Spring Open House the Empty Bowls class is holding a pasta bar dinner. Student chefs will assemble a personalized pasta entrée and serve it in a handcrafted ceramic bowl. Salad and dessert are also included for the reasonable prices of $5, $8 or $10, depending on the size bowl you select. Beginning at 5:30 and continuing until 7 in the RMS Cafeteria this fundraising event will benefit Kids Against Hunger, an organization working to reduce the number of hungry children in the United States and starving children throughout the world.

1. As a part of a 7th grade bullying unit, Sam Drazin, an educator and presenter, will speak with students on Tuesday afternoon about his experience as a student and adult with a disability. As he states on his website, "The ultimate goal is to help everyone recognize their own challenges and to help promote understanding, respect, and acceptance of all people." 7th graders will also read novels that deal with various aspects of bullying. Please view a letter to parents and guardians about this unit.

2. From the School Volunteer Office: Please send me a message with the approximate number of hours you have volunteered on behalf of Richmond School this year. Any activity and any amount of time can be counted. The information will help us to qualify for a Blue Ribbon Achievement Award that recognizes NH schools with outstanding volunteer commitment. Richmond School has won this award for 32 years in a row!

Thank you for volunteering in so many ways this year. Your efforts are very much appreciated and really do make a difference to Richmond School students and programs.

Debby Cromwell, School Volunteer Coordinator

1. Spring time has brought the usual health office visits - tick removal/Lyme disease prevention education, scrapes, bruises and the cough/cold virus that still seems to be out there. A big thank you to Mrs. Wybourne and parents for assisting me (every year) with flu/disease surveillance when students are phoned in as absent due to illness. Mr. Atkinson and Ms. Patch have been providing time for tick checks after being outside, as well as educating students on vector-borne disease prevention. 

Involving a village of people seems to best keep our school community healthy! I've shared my recent visit with some of the 7th grade science classes here: 

2. Save the Date: August 20, 2014 (Wednesday). 
Meet and Greet with the RMS school nurse (review medical plans/concerns with nurse before school starts). Please visit the health office website for more information 

Enjoy the long weekend,
Jim Nourse, Principal