The Mission of Richmond Middle School
Our mission is to provide challenging, comprehensive and developmentally appropriate education for all students. Our broad goal during these three years is to ensure that our students are provided with the skills to become successful and thoughtful adults in a highly competitive and complex world. It is the task of our middle school to bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood, from dependence to independence, and from understanding the world in a simple and concrete manner to comprehending it in its multifaceted, multilayered configuration. The educational community represented by the Dresden Board, parents and community members, and the Richmond staff has identified important concrete goals which guide in its pursuit of the effective and compassionate education of children in their middle years.


The staff is committed to helping students gain the appropriate level of mastery in the following areas.

Each student will …

1.     Acquire basic skills in reading, writing, mathematics, science, language, humanities and the fine and practical arts

2.     Have the ability to solve a range of problems using multiple strategies

3.     Make responsible decisions in their personal and social lives, and to accept the consequences of those decisions

4.     Communicate effectively in a variety of forms and settings

5.     Think critically and flexibly

6.     Relate to others in an ethical and responsible manner

7.     Persevere in one’s scholarship

8.     Understand the world as a global village and appreciate both its interdependence and diversity

9.     Embrace creativity – learn through a variety of approaches and identify one’s personal learning style and talents

10.   Be culturally literate

11.   Be technologically literate

12.   Be environmentally literate