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3/11/13 - 3/15/13

posted Mar 11, 2013, 4:50 AM by Kate Bates

Monday:-Practice quiz in class, introduce & begin work on 1861 maps

HWPre Civil War Quiz Tuesday- Study


Tuesday: Pre Civil War Quiz-/ work on maps

HW:   Maps due Wednesday/bring text books

Wednesday: 1861 Maps Due/  Turn in review sheets, clean out binders and pass out New Assignment Sheet-complete assignment 1

HWAssignment 1

Thursday:Discuss Assign. 1,-Read Play on Lincoln and Douglas Complete Assign. 2-Reading on Fort Sumter & questions/

HW: Finish Assignment 2/ 


Friday: Discuss Assign. 2/

Discuss the following:

What do I know about the Civil War? List names and events

What do I want to know?

How can I find this information?

Civil War DVD-Ken Burns- Introduction and US History DVD