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5/6/13 - 5/10/13

posted May 6, 2013, 5:11 AM by Kate Bates

Monday: SS teachers will present the CWSPBio publishing options in class on Monday (5 minutes!) and students will be telling English teachers their preferences on Tuesday. 

Return Quiz

Discuss and correct Assignment 10 

•List ideas for surrender with a partner-What would be your terms for surrender? make a list-put on board..  Show clips from Ken Burns on the surrender Read pages 284-285-Surrender- questions on 285/

HW: Assign. 11/ 


Tuesday: Correct 11/Read “Death of Lincoln”-answer questions in “Chapter Check” page 288

Show clips from Ken Burns/Assign. 12

HW:Assign. 12   

Wednesday: Correct Assign. 12-Ken Burns film on Lincoln’s death and aftermath/


Thursday: Introduce Assignment 13- Who is the bravest, most interesting or unusual person you have come across in the Civil War study?

HW: Work on Assignment 13

Friday:  Work on Assignment 13- Find information about your person and photos.

HW:   Assignment 13 - Due Monday