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6/3/13 - 6/7/13

posted Jun 3, 2013, 4:55 AM by Kate Bates

Monday:  Read Chapter 32 together/ look at immigration poem/ complete the activity sheet on immigration and answer questions 1 - 8 in Assign. 2

HW: Finish Assign. 2

Tuesday: Correct Assign. 2/Look at Jacob Riis photos/Read Chapter 33 together and begin Assign. 3 “The United States Becomes a Nation of Cities”

HW: Finish Assign. 3

Wednesday:  Discuss Assign 3 - Begin “World’s Fair” DVD- look for buildings, firsts- “What was the impact of the Chicago World’s Fair in the USA and the world?” 

HW: None

Thursday: Finish World’s Fair DVD  

HW: None

FridayIntroduce World’s Fair Project and make selections/

HW:  Investigate Website and take notes on Firsts