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9/23/13 - 9/27/13

posted Sep 23, 2013, 5:05 AM by Kate Bates

MondayBooks and Green Computers in class/continue with note taking-

•What do you have for place?

•What is human-environment interaction? List ideas

•What are regions?  What would you use for movement?

HW:  Finish notes on 5 Themes of Geography 

Daily Fact Quiz Friday

TuesdayBlue Computers/Read sample cards/ Mr. C’s model

•Begin rough draft of postcard.

•Complete rough draft for Wednesday

HW: Finish Rough Draft/

Daily Fact Quiz Friday

Wednesday: Green Cart for computers

-Edit Rough Draft of Postcard- edit one other card, mark L,P,HEI,M,R 

-check font size, check spelling- get checked off by teacher/

-Complete Drawing

HW: Finish Final Draft & Work on Drawing (Postcard Project Due Monday, Early Bird credit on Friday!!)- Daily Fact Quiz Friday

ThursdayWork Period: Finish drawing, edit other cards. 

HW:  Final Postcard Due Monday

Friday:  -Daily Fact Quiz - Bring your notes, you may use them.

-Assemble and glue post card to backing paper- Final Project may be turned in today!

-Discuss Reflection and grade sheet