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9/30/13- 10/4/13

posted Sep 30, 2013, 5:03 AM by Kate Bates


1.  All Postcards are Due/fill out grade sheet and check for 5themes /Pair share/turn in folder/clean binder

Lewis and Clark

-How do you prepare for the unknown?  

-Look at maps in Historical Atlas- p. 7 and p. 14-What do you observe?  Who were the key players in world politics at that time?

-Pass out Lewis & Clark assignment sheet.  Read pages 153-155 together-

HW:  Assign.1 in Lewis and Clark-Keep text book at home or in cubby.  We have class copies.

Tuesday:  1Correct Assign. 1-in class

         2.  Read pages XII-5 in “Lewis and Clark for Kids”

HW: Finish Assignment 2


Wednesday: 1.Correct Assignment 2 in class/

Jefferson’s instructions- Create a list of 10 things Jefferson might have wanted L&C to accomplish and compare to his instructions. 

HW:  No Homework

Thursday: Continue with Jefferson’s Instructions activity/read actual document/ You are Meriwether Lewis and you’re about to begin your journey into uncharted land.  Write a letter to your mother or a good friend that describes what President Jefferson has asked you to do.  Explain why Americans must get there first and how the observations and discoveries you make will impact the future of the country.

HW: Work on Letter 

FridayFinish Lewis letter & share, practice state map activity.