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February 4 - February 8

posted Feb 4, 2013, 5:10 AM by Kate Bates

Monday:  ALL LOWELL WRITINGS DUE TODAY!  Share writings with groups of 4-  Who captured the experience?

Read together “Searching For Addie”

HW:  Finish “Searching For Addie” if needed

Tuesday:  In class census research with Heritage Quest - Can We Find Addie? Timeline of her life in class.

HW:  None/ Bring Text Book to class

Wednesday: Begin Assignment 4  

HW:  Finish Assignment 4- “The South Becomes a Slave Society”

Thursday: Correct Assign. 4-Use overhead-

Class readings from “A New Nation”-140-146- we will read this together. -questions will be given in class/this is Assign. 5

HW:  None

Friday: Review Pages 140-146 and Complete Assignment 5 from the “New Nation” text.

HW: Complete Assignment 5