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January 14 - 18, 2013

posted Jan 16, 2013, 5:10 AM by Kate Bates
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Peer Edit! / Finish final draft/ 

HW:  Final Draft of Presidents Project due Wednesday/ Daily Fact Quiz Tuesday

Daily Fact Quiz/ Finish Projects/

•Find a quote from your president, write it on a note card or type.   On back put your name and section-


and Favorite President Quote

Bring text book rest of the week!/

Postcard Project is DUE!  

Share quotes and turn in

•Fill out evaluations

•*President Presentations**In groups of 4 each student reads his/her President report and then follow additional directions.

HW:  None

Clean out binders,  begin “Road to the Civil War” Assign. 1 -Read together pgs. 160-162/Complete Assign. 1

HW:  Assign.One due Friday/

Correct Assign. 1 / In class reading on Lowell factories 

HW:  None