6. Sept. 29-Oct 3

in class:      Ways to Write Powerfully: academic language, transitions
                    double period: Library presentation
homework: Study for Writing Prompt puzzle quiz.

in class        Writing Prompt Puzzle quiz.
                    Ways to Write Powerfully: academic language, transitions
                    double period: Library presentation
homework:   Choose one BIG IDEA from your 6 big idea responses. Write one paragraph using DETAILS from your notes (your lists, graphics, written notes, highlighted & underlined text). Use ACADEMIC LANGUAGE, AND TRANSITION/COMPARE-CONTRAST words to show relationships between your ideas.          
                Post on a GOOGLE DOC, share with me.                 

RMS OPEN HOUSE, 5:30-7:30PM 

in class        Review your response to "Introduction" - Highlight Academic Language, transition words, details, and big idea, each in its own color.  
                   Hand out "Escape" ; Kendall Journals for KJ Students
homework    Read "Escape"  After first reading, note, in one sentence, a BIG IDEA. During second reading, underline/highlight DETAILS that support your Big Idea about how books matter in this story.
in class    Discuss Big Ideas / "How do books matter?" in "Escape". 
               Introduce Worldly Wise 3000 vocabulary program
                double period: Track My Progress testing
Homework: On a Google doc, share with me one paragraph summarizing "Escape", using Academic Language (see handout in your binder). Include 3 'inciting actions' that occur during the Rising Action. 
                   Bring to class Independent Reading Book

Friday * 
in class   Vocabulary study & exercises -- Worldy Wise 3000, Lesson One.  Responses/entries must be legible;  Answer with complete sentences, with correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
               double period: Track My Progress testing-- bring Independent Reading book.
homework: GREEN CLASS - Write a paragraph on Google doc, shared with me:  With the BIG IDEA you found in "Escape" as the topic sentence, use three specific details from the text that support your big idea. Use Academic Language. 
               BLUE, RED, YELLOW CLASSES  - Revise your paragraph on the big idea about how books matter in "Escape"