7. Oct. 6-9

Monday, 10/6
in class:       Writing powerfully about reading: Review Academic Language; introduce Explaining Thinking, Quote Sandwich, Citations
                    double period: Writing Prompt Puzzle #5; review Prompt Puzzle Quiz. 
                Introduce Kendal Journals - 10 students.
homework: Write one page to paragraph on Google doc about your Big Idea in "Escape" - Explain your Thinking, and Cite your examples. 
                    Worldy Wise Unit 1 exercises due Wednesday

Tuesday, 10/7
in class        
                    Writing powerfully about reading: Review writing for Transition words to show relationship between Big Idea and Details
                    double period: double period: Writing Prompt Puzzle #5; review Prompt Puzzle Quiz
homework:   Kendal Journal students -- complete your introductory letter to your Kendal resident

in class        Wordly Wise Unit 1 exercises - self-grade in class; introduce Worldy Wise online - games to use for studying. 
                       Worldy Wise Unit 1 
                   Retakes for Writing Prompt Puzzle, #1-4 quiz.
                   Kendall Journals due (11 students from Blue Class) - (delivered to Kendal at Lunch)
                   Story of My Name - late/make-up printing and nametag work
homework   Independent Reading - 20-30 minutes
Thursday, 10/9
in class    Introduce, "Clean Sweep" 
                double period: Writing Prompt #6 - adjectives

                 Re-read "Clean Sweep" - if you highlight, explain why in the margin of the story. Take one page of notes including: writing and graphic representations of the 'Story Arc" using Academic Language. Options: timeline, pressure map, character relationship map, story arc map, venn diagram of characters, etc.
                 Independent Reading - Accelerated Reading quiz opportunities Wednesday October 15th, to meet your Q1 (October 31st) Goal.

Friday, 10/10 -   TEACHER IN-SERVICE DAY
Monday, 10/13 - COLUMBUS DAY