Ah, Homework . . .

"The Dresden School Board recognizes that the purpose of homework is to enhance learning, to aid in the mastery of skills, to create and stimulate interest on the part of the pupil, and to promote the development of successful study habits at home."

Many of you are involved in activities outside of school, that require time and attention as well. These are the experiences I want you to incorporate and use to enrich your academic pursuits. Reading and writing will always be a part of your life; reading and writing at home will help you integrate these skills into your lifestyle. 

Homework Specifics

Your English homework averages 15 minutes per night/ 5 times per week. Some nights homework may require more of your time; some nights you might be FREE! Use your assignment book to plan ahead and budget your time and energy wisely.

I Expect You To:

1.  Use your assignment book to record assignments.

2.  Obtain and make up missed assignments when absent.  For planned absences, notify me at least a week in advance.

3.  Make efficient use of study hall and classroom opportunities to complete assignments. If you goof off in class, homework time may be far more than 15 minutes.

4.  Budget time to complete regular and long-term assignments.

5.  Seek help if needed.