Technology Staff and Assistants:
  • Marty Warren, RMS Technology Coordinator; 6th & 7th Grade Computer Literacy Teacher
  • Chad Behre, 7th & 8th Grade Computer Literacy Teacher
  • Kate Bates, Technology Assistant, iMac Lab
Technology Committee:
The Tech Committee meets once a week. It overseas technology in the school and also serves as a resource and clearing house for technology matter and issues for staff and students. It sets policy, recommends the purchase of new technology equipment and supplies, creates a technology budget, and helps to educate the staff with Tech Talks at staff meetings and periodic handouts. It also deal with ethical issues concerning computer use at school. THe committee consists of representatives from the technology and teaching staff.

2012-13 Technology Committee Members:
  • Marty Warren, Tech Coordinator
  • Michael Lepene, Associate Principal
  • Sam Rigby, Technician
  • Chad Bebre, Computer Literacy & Math Teacher
  • Laura Abbene, Media Specialist
  • Patti Dodds, 8th Grade Learning Center Specialist
  • Luke Eastman, Art Teacher
  • Elise Foxall, 7th Grade English Teacher
  • Ellen Fisher, 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
School Computers:
The Richmond Middle School has two computer labs and many additional computers in the Media Center and classroom throughout the building. All computers in the school permit access to school servers.
  • Computer Literacy Lab - used for computer literacy classes, grades 6, 7, & 8 to meet the K-12 requirements.
  • iMac Lab - used by students throughout the day; full classes or drops ins from classes or study hall.
  • Laptops- three complete classroom sets of laptops used in classrooms.
  • iPads - coming soon!